The Billionaire Cowboy’s Christmas: He has everything this Christmas, but all he wants is the quiet ranch life he’s losing…


When Josh Tomlinson’s Texas ranching family wins a fortune in the lottery, the formerly tight-knit family is suddenly on edge. Seeking advice, Josh reluctantly contacts family friend and now attorney, Carly Garza. His business is serious, yet he can’t believe Carly’s morphed from a long-legged colt of a girl to a sophisticated woman. Besides, he knows the intelligent Carly has no interest in a quiet, rugged cowboy like him.


Carly’s crushed on Josh for years, and she plans to ask him out now that she’s back in Last Stand. She’s hoping he’ll finally see her as someone other than his younger brother’s middle school girlfriend. But when Josh needs advice on how to handle his family’s lottery win, his client and billionaire statuses put him firmly out of reach. If only her heart could ignore the sparks that flare between them.


They’re already keeping the family’s lottery win a secret from the town. Can they also hide their budding romance during the most magical time of year?


Quick Peek: 

   Josh had a wry smile. “Figure out what makes us happy. You like to ask for the impossible.”

   “It’s probably not going to be about big things. I have a friend who calls it the good cheese philosophy. You don’t have to save all your money for a fancy vacation once a year. You’ll get more pleasure from having the good cheese every week.”

   He looked confused. “Those big blocks of cheddar and pepper Jack are fine for me.”

   “Then you don’t need fancy cheese either. Maybe all you need is right here already.” She raised her hand, sliding it inside his open jacket, laying it over his chest where his heart beat. She was merely making a point, nothing more. The fact that she felt warm all over meant nothing.

   “How do you feel right now?” she asked.

   He gazed at her. His smile slowly grew. “Pretty happy, actually.”

   “Well then.” She swallowed and tried to keep her breathing even. She couldn’t do anything about the heat that rose from her chest up to her face and slid down to her belly, setting butterflies fluttering. Hopefully, he’d blame her pink cheeks on the sun. “It’s a start.”

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