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Romantic Suspense on Sale

June 22, 2014

Tags: Counterfeits, sale

Painter Jenny Kinley has spent the last decade struggling in the New York art world. Her grandmother’s sudden death brings her home to New Mexico, but inheriting the children’s art camp her grandmother ran is more of a burden than a gift. How can she give up her lifelong dreams of showing her work in galleries and museums?

Rob Caruso, the camp cook and all-around handyman, would be happy to run the camp with Jenny. Dare he even dream of that, when his past holds dark secrets that he can never share? When Jenny’s father reappears after a decade-long absence, only Rob knows where he’s been and what danger he’s brought with him.

Jenny and Rob face midnight break-ins and make desperate escapes, but the biggest danger may come from the secrets that don’t want to stay buried. In the end, they must decide whether their dreams will bring them together or force them apart.

Counterfeits is romantic suspense in the Southwest that will interest fans of Terry Odell, Mary Stewart and Barbara Michaels.

‘Counterfeits’ is the kind of romantic suspense novel I have enjoyed since I first read Mary Stewart’s ‘Moonspinners’, and Kris Bock used all the things I love about this genre. Appealing lead characters, careful development of the mysterious danger facing one or both of those characters, a great location that is virtually a character on its own, interesting secondary characters who might or might not be involved or threatened, and many surprises building up to the climax. 5 Stars – Roberta at Sensuous Reviews blog. Read the full review:

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Southwest Travel and Inspiration

May 29, 2014

I’ve lived in 10 states (from Alaska to Rhode Island) and one foreign country (Saudi Arabia, as a child), so I always had trouble answering “Where are you from?” But when I moved to New Mexico, it felt like home. I’ve now been here twice as long as I’ve lived anywhere else. The desert Southwest inspires my work, as I bring suspense with a dose of romance to the land I love. Here are some of my favorite spots in New Mexico - heavy on the adventure. (more…)

Counterfeits review

April 23, 2014

I just got a great review from "Sensuous Reviews": "‘Counterfeits’ is the kind of romantic suspense novel I have enjoyed since I first read Mary Stewart’s ‘Moonspinners’, and Kris Bock used all the things I love about this genre."

Click on the cover image to read the whole review.

Counterfeits: An Art Theft Romantic Suspense (Book Hooks)

February 4, 2014

Tags: Romantic suspense, New Mexico, art

After a decade struggling in the New York art world, Jenny Kinley discovers more danger, excitement, romance, and success at the New Mexico art camp she inherits. But her ex-con father has found his way home, too, with ruthless criminals following close behind. Will hidden paintings and past secrets prevent Jenny from building a better life?

      What choice did she have? If they kept going through the house, eventually they would find her. She refused to think about what that might mean.
      Jenny took a breath and held it. She had to go now. (more…)

Writing and Running: 6 Lessons Learned from Jogging

October 19, 2013

Tags: writing advice

In March of 2011 I started jogging. Despite the occasional illness, injury, and ‘I don’t wannas,’ I’m still getting out regularly. On one long and rather tedious solo run, I started making connections between jogging and writing and life.

Get Some Running Buddies

It helps to have inspiration. I started jogging with a (more…)

My Sexy Saturday

August 30, 2013

Tags: My Sexy Saturday, blog hop, excerpt

I'm participating in the My Sexy Saturday blog hop this week, where romance authors share sexy excerpts (seven words, sentences, or paragraph). Here's one from my novel in progress, a romantic suspense involving artists and stolen paintings, tentatively titled Counterfeits.

His kiss sent her senses spinning like a kaleidoscope, flashing through a thousand vibrant color combinations. Her heart whispered yes. This was right, this was good. Here she could lose herself in the moment, finally quiet her busy mind, without losing her true self. Her spirit soared the way it did when she was painting and found that magical moment when everything fit, everything flowed. (more…)

what about genres?

August 8, 2013

Tags: romantic suspense, mystery, writing

A question came up on a listserv about writing novels that fit in two genres or cross genres. Will readers of one genre be disappointed or confused?

This got me thinking about my novels, which are romantic suspense… sort of.

What We Found, about a young woman who stumbles on a murder victim in (more…)

Beyond Dogs and Cats

July 1, 2013

Tags: pets, animals

[First published on Neil S. Plakcy's blog, The Inside Look.]

Some people are dog people, some are cat people. I like both, depending on the individual, but if anything I am really a wild animal person. One of the benefits of my New Mexico home office is that I can look out the window (more…)

Plugging away

May 8, 2013

I'm still at work on "Art Theft Book 1" – hopefully I'll come up with an actual title before publication. I'm more than halfway through, but I'm going to pause and work through the manuscript from the beginning. I feel like I may be missing a few scenes. I'd like to be done by the end (more…)

work in progress

March 21, 2013

Tags: romantic suspense

I'm at work on a new book, the first in a planned trilogy set in Jemez Springs, New Mexico. Here's a sample.

[Untitled]: Jenny returns to her grandparents' art camp in a remote New Mexico town after her grandmother's sudden death. That night, staying alone in her grandparents' empty house, she wakes to the (more…)

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